Top 10 Insagram Accounts For “Memes” Lovers 

When the first memes appeared in the 90’s with the advent of the internet, these redirected images were then democratized to become an essential element of web culture today. We currently find humorous memes everywhere on the Internet and especially on social networks, where their potential for virality is enormous!

A phenomenon that many brands have taken up this communication element for their social media strategy! Discover 10 Instagram meme accounts to follow to inspire your next communication or just to have a good time!

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1. Decentralized Memes: French regions in the spotlight

This Instagram account managed by Gabriel Kaikati and André Da Silva highlights our beautiful French regions. With a good dose of humor, the two friends promote the peculiarities of our regions and often play with the differences in lifestyle between city and country, between Parisians and “provincials”.

  • Number of subscribers: 386,000 followers
  • Number of memes published: 4,440 posts

2. Yugnat999: French Memes

The specialty of Yugnat999, aka Tanguy? Humorous images mixing French and English! A clever mix giving way to a hilarious combination of image and caption to cover the news.

  • Number of subscribers: 597,000 followers
  • Number of memes published: 19.5 000 posts

3. Mamouz: Laughter and good humor

The @mamouz Instagram account is managed and hosted by journalist and author Julie Mamou-Mani. On the programme: good mood several times a day, with distracted images that bounce off the news. Laughter guaranteed!

  • Number of subscribers: 137,000 followers
  • Number of memes published: 22.4k posts

4. Oh Pét.ART: Memes illustrated with artwork

After studying art history and communication, Solène Potier de Courcy decided to open an Instagram account. His concept: to be inspired by more or less famous paintings to create memes. Laugh and learn, a winning duo to guilt-free scrolling on Instagram!

  • Number of subscribers: 138,000 followers
  • Number of memes published: 1,156 posts

5. The Really Cool Girl: Memes for Gen Z

The LVMC account’s favorite topics: college life, parties and “dates”. Illustrated images and videos that tell scenes from life that everyone will recognize themselves in at least once!

  • Number of subscribers: 98,400 followers
  • Number of memes published: 1,212 posts

6. Memes: Memes in English

Memes is one of the most followed English-speaking accounts on Instagram with 7.3 million followers. In addition, the owners of this account have also created an application to be able to create memes easily:

  • Number of subscribers: 7.3 million followers
  • Number of memes published: 19,000 posts

7. Sarcasm_only: Memes aimed at a female audience

This account sheds light on everyday scenes from women’s lives, always with plenty of humor and an undeniable portion of truth! It is also one of the most followed meme accounts on Instagram.

  • Number of subscribers: 16.2 million followers
  • Number of memes published: 20.6k posts

8. Antisocial_memes1: Humor to combat negative emotions

The memes published on this Instagram account humorously illustrate the “anti-social” behavior that one can sometimes engage in, as well as everyday fears and negative emotions. A little self-irony never hurts!

  • Number of subscribers: 309,000 followers
  • Number of memes published: 9,247 posts

9. Nochill: Memes always well thought out

Another English speaking account that publishes many memes every day, inspired by current events but also everyday situations. For a change in content, Nochill also offers posts with only funny phrases, without pictures.

  • Number of subscribers: 3.9 million followers
  • Number of memes published: 23.2k posts

10. Trakenar_: Instagram’s funniest dinosaur

We close this top 10 with a French Instagram account that posts memes on various topics. You must laugh!

  • Number of subscribers: 51,600 followers
  • Number of memes published: 3,408 posts
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