10 Facts To Remember From December 2022

We have collected for you this list of 10 Facts To Remember From December 2022, so without Without introductions, let’s get started.


1. Release of ChatGPT, a chatbot that chats with you

The American company OpenAI, specializing in artificial intelligence, has presented ChatGPT, a chatbot able to answer your questions and follow a real discussion. After the launch of DALL-E, which allows creating images from text, OpenAI offers here a powerful tool capable of creating a story alone or by following a scenario, spotting its mistakes, disputing information or refuse illegal or improper requests.

2. Update of Google’s helpful content in France

With this important update, Google has a simple goal “Pages that provide users with a positive experience are rewarded more fairly than pages that do not meet user expectations. “. While the Helpful Content Update previously only affected English content, this time it will affect the French pages and aim to provide more authentic and relevant information for Internet users.

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3. Data transfers between Europe and the US: towards a legal framework?

The information fell this month and promises a new step in the negotiations on the transfer of data: the European Commission has started the process of adopting the adequacy decision to create a legal framework for data flows between the US and Europe. If the decision is adopted in the coming weeks or even months, European companies will be able to securely transfer their data to American companies and vice versa.

4. New badges for Twitter accounts

A new badge system is emerging on Twitter, affecting more businesses and governments, following the relaunch of the Twitter Blue paid subscription. The blue badge is for verified accounts and can be earned by Twitter Blue followers. The gold badge is for official business accounts through Twitter Blue for Business. Finally, the gray badge integrates government and multilateral accounts.

5. iOS 16.2 update is available on iPhone

More than a month after iOS 16.1 was released, Apple rolled out the iOS 16.2 update. This new version includes new features for Iphone users, such as the integration of Apple’s new collaborative application: Freeform, the ability to sing along alone, in a duet or in a choir Apple Music Songsending emergency SOS or customizing the mode Always on to protect user privacy.

6. Microsoft Teams launches communities

One month after WhatsApp, it’s Microsoft’s turn to launch its Communities in Teams! This new collaborative feature allows users to communicate with multiple people at the same time, share documents and work on different projects remotely. It is provided in the free version of Messaging and is accessible through iOS and Android applications.

7. Notes end up on Instagram

Notes is the name of Meta’s new Instagram function, which allows you to leave short messages of 60 characters to your loved ones or your followers. With this launch, the social network wants these above all Remarks, where you can add emojis, create more interactions and spontaneous messages between users.

8. The CNIL imposes a record fine on Microsoft

The CNIL does not compromise with the data protection law. Evidence of this is the record fine of 60 million euros imposed on Microsoft for proven GDPR violations on the Bing search engine. In question: the setting of cookies that visitors have not previously consented to and the complexity of refusing to track internet users.

9. The computer language C++ surpasses JAVA for the first time

The TIOBE index, which highlights the most searched for computer languages ​​online, has published its ranking for the month of December. If Python stays at the top again, the C++ language will join the top 3, displacing the JAVA language at number 4. For the first time since 2011, JAVA is not in the top 3. The programming languages ​​competing for the Language of the Year title are accordingly: Python, C and C++.

10. Competitors, Posts, Audience: New stats available on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced the arrival of new statistics. First, users with an enabled creator profile can now fine-tune their content strategy with insights into their audience and access to new demographics. Not insignificant innovation: It is also possible to identify the most efficient publications. The professional network has also updated its competitor analysis dashboard: from now on you can track your competitor’s subscriber growth, their trending content, their latest posts and their engagement rate.

Bonus: Snapchat’s priorities for 2023

This month we interviewed Grégory Gazagne, general manager of Snapchat in France, to take stock of the application, which affects 94% of 15-24 year olds. Among other things, he shared with us Snapchat’s priorities for 2023, namely:

  • keep the Snapchat community growing,
  • provide a safe environment,
  • income increase in France,
  • rely more on augmented reality.

What sets us apart: Transparency and a desire to share earnings with creators.

Read the full interview with Grégory Gazagne

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