Top 6 Free Games To Test Your SEO Knowledge

We have collected for you this list of the Top 6 Free Games To Test Your SEO Knowledge, so without Without introductions, let’s get started

1. Hidden Keywords

Hidden Keywords is a free SEO game aimed at doing the research of a website. The principle: Discover 20 keywords on one page. Left-clicking on each number will give you a hint of the keyword to be found. Then simply enter the guessed words next to the “>” sign and then click the button. room (see picture above).

If you find correct answers, the associated keyword number will expire. The game is only available in English.

2. Game SEO

Games SEO is a free SEO game that contains real pieces of Black Hat SEO. The game comes in the form of various puzzles that are directly related to SEO. Each puzzle has a clue that must be read carefully to access the next test.

The goal: Complete the game as quickly as possible. It is aimed at both beginners and experts. The advantage: the game is entirely in French.

3. SEO Hacker

SEO hacker is a free game to test your SEO knowledge. The principle: solve puzzles in the best possible way. To do this, the game presents you with concrete cases that need to be solved. Note: SEO Pirates is in English and is aimed at SEO experts.

4. The SEO Matrix

Another game for SEO experts: The SEO Matrix. His homepage was inspired by the famous film “Matrix”. No hints for this game which aims to test your SEO skills. The site is available in English and only hints at one riddle: “You have everything you need. Make your choice now ». Integrate a cult quote from the film “Matrix” beforehand. It’s your turn.

5. SEO Jedi

Another cinematic reference: SEO Jedi. It begins with a Star Wars credits inviting you to try the challenge, all in French. Click on the summons ” May the Force be with you “ to start the exam. The principle: answering riddles that combine reference to the film “Star Wars” and SEO.

6. How Much 2

how much 2 is a website originally created for the Sentimancho natural referencing competition organized in 2012. On this website you can also test your technical knowledge in this area in the form of a treasure hunt. The goal: find the various secret questions that will give you access to a hidden page.

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