Android Smartphones Depreciate Faster Than iPhones

If you’re looking to get a bargain in the smartphone market, buying an iPhone appears to be your best bet, according to a new SellCell smartphone depreciation study.

SellCell, a market research specialist, has just released its 2022 annual report and highlights the strong depreciation of Android smartphones that don’t retain as much value as iPhones. Several other surveys had already revealed this issue, particularly when the Galaxy S22s were released. These lost 3 times more value than the iPhone 13 just 2 months after launch.

In its new report, SellCell announces that Apple products are the most likely to retain their value. The company’s former flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max, which launched in September 2021, had lost just 44.6% of its value in December 2022. The iPhone 14 Pro Max with 128GB of storage has also held up very well, having lost just 26.9% since its launch in September 2022.

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iPhones are more resilient to depreciation

For comparison: Samsung’s Galaxy S22s, which launched in early 2022, had lost between 58.9% and 63.3% of their value at the end of last year. It looks even worse with other Android smartphones. Google’s Pixel 6 was down 67.4% for the classic model and 72.5% for the Pro version.

On the tablet side, the observation is the same. The 2021 11-inch iPad Pro performs best, falling “only” 56.7% in December 2022. In the smartwatch world, the 45mm aluminum Apple Watch Series 7 lost 71.2% through December 2022 Value while watching the Samsung 3″ has lost 95.6% of its original value, meaning it is the worst performing smartwatch ‘” says SellCell.

Finally, when it comes to consoles, The PS5 also trumps its rivals, down just 25% in December 2022. This slight decline is likely due to the shortages that have hit the sector hard in recent years. We also remind you that we have exclusively announced that a new PS5 Pro will arrive in April 2023.

Source : SellCell

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