Could The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Have A Screen That Folds In Both Directions?

Samsung Display presented a new generation of foldable screens. This plate can be bent 360 degrees, compared to 180 degrees currently. Do we have the big innovation of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ahead of us? Possible.


Samsung Display introduced a whole new breed of foldable displays. Discreetly unveiled in the aisles of CES earlier this year, it’s now being promoted by American website The Verge. This screen has a special feature: it bends in all directions.

The smartphone prototype presented by Samsung Display is vehemently reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Fold. The latter has a screen that can be bent 180 degrees, meaning you can open it and lay it flat. The presented model goes further since that the plate can also rotate in the other direction.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a 360-degree foldable screen?

This flexibility is generally allowed thanks to the new hinge used by Samsung Display. It has the shape of a “tear drop” which offers other advantages, among them that of eliminating the crease on the surface of the screen. The initial rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 5 speak precisely of the addition of a brand new hinge. To say that Samsung would offer a phone with a 360-degree foldable screen is just one step. It would mean a small revolution in the range that would drastically change its format. A first since its debut in 2019. Nothing is finalized yet, but we can hope for it.

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It remains to be seen how this technology will be used by Samsung when eventually included in the Z Fold 5. We know that the manufacturer places great value on its software part and is aware that a revolutionary technology is nothing if there is no interesting benefit behind it. It will therefore be necessary to carefully monitor the announcements of new folding phones next August.


Before the Z Fold 5, Samsung has one more crucial step to take: the release of the Galaxyy S23. These will be on 1ah next February at an Unpacked event. Should we not expect any more revolution, these clamps remain important for the manufacturer’s catalogue.

Source : The edge

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