Don’t Buy These Volkswagen IDs At a Cheap Price!

The shortages of several Volkswagen electric cars benefit some scammers. In fact, at the end of 2022, the manufacturer noticed that many of its vehicles are being secretly resold on the European market, much cheaper than the original models. Problem: These are made in China and therefore do not comply with European regulations.

If you’ve recently attempted to buy a Volkswagen electric car, chances are you’ve encountered repeated stock shortages. In fact, the German manufacturer is struggling to meet the stronger than expected demand, especially since the supply problems have not yet been fully resolved. But as the saying goes: the misfortune of some is the happiness of others.

In the second quarter of 2022, Volkswagen had the unpleasant surprise that some of its Chinese models were found on the European market without authorization. “Unauthorized dealers are taking advantage of the high demand for Volkswagen models to offer these vehicles in other countries – without approval from Volkswagen or the regulatory authorities of the countries concerned.”the company explains to the media of Automobilwoche.

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Beware of these Volkswagen IDs that do not comply with European regulations

Various models are affected, with Volkswagen consistently presenting the ID. 4 among the models imported to Europe. Most of these come from China, and for one simple reason: both the production costs and the sales prices are significantly lower there than here. This explains how resellers manage to lower prices on European soil.

Some of the latter try to go directly through dealers, which prompted Volkswagen to warn them about the phenomenon – and about the consequences they face in the event of a takeover. In fact, the vehicles offered for sale are not homologated according to European regulations.

This explains a spokesman for the manufacturer “Hardware and software configurations cannot be homologated in Europe”citing in particular the e-call, which does not meet the criteria imposed by the authorities because Volkswagen offers Chinese equivalents to the applications installed in the cars. “Volkswagen’s goal is therefore to protect both dealers and customers from buying unauthorized vehicles.”emphasizes the company.

Source : automobile week

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