Google Messages – 100 People Together In Discussion Groups?

Google’s Messages improves over the months and takes advantage of RCS technology to acquire new features. The next will add the ability to create encrypted groups of up to 100 people.

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Gone are the days when Google Messages was just an archaic SMS application. The RCS standard offers users new options. For example, it will soon be possible Form groups of 100 people.

This future update spotted by the 9to5Google website will make it possible to drastically increase the number of participants in an encrypted discussion. Google originally planned for groups with a maximum of 21 members, but eventually this limit was increased to 100.

Google Messages is gradually changing thanks to RCS

This transforms Google Messages into the ultimate messaging application via updates. Switching from SMS to RCS enables many things, like easier sending of photos, videos, files, gifs, dynamic text reactions, and the ability to create multi-party conversations. Furthermore, The app is fully encrypted to protect the sweet words you can send to your contacts.

Messages is now a direct competitor to services like WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram. It has one major advantage: it comes pre-installed on all Android smartphones and is considered the default SMS software. For now, the functionality for groups of 100 people is still in the beta phase. If the Mountain View-based company is happy with the outcome, we’ll no doubt see it land on our phones in the coming weeks. However, some users already have access to this new feature.

As a reminder, democratizing RCS has been one of Google’s priorities over the past few years. The more modern and smoother protocol has been used by Messages for quite some time. For its part, Apple is still reluctant to take the plunge for security reasons, which does not fail to attract spikes from Google from time to time.

Source : 9to5Google

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