Google Pixels Will Be Able To Create Wallpapers Using AI

We’ve known for a few days that Google is currently preparing several artificial intelligence-based features for its pixels. One of them is amazing, to say the least, as it allows you to create your own unique wallpaper with a simple description text, in the Dalle-E vein. At least that’s what the indicators suggest.

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While Google’s pixels are certainly not free from flaws, they have a quality few would dare deny: smartphones are making full use of artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences. At a time when ChatGPT has been unleashing passions for several weeks, we expected the Mountain View company to launch their counterattack shortly.

A first announcement came a few days ago in the New York Times, which revealed that an AI-themed conference is in the works at Google’s offices. As usual, the manufacturer intends to give priority to its pixels, as one of the characteristics presented by the American daily suggests. The latter allows the user to have a completely unique background image with a simple text description.

Pixel will use AI to create unique wallpapers

If that reminds you of something, that’s normal: It’s more or less about how well-known artificial intelligences like Dall-E or Midjourney work – which also brought them some legal concerns. It is on this principle that this famous creator of wallpapers with Google sauce should also be based. At least that seems the most predictable given the current state of the art.

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At the moment, however, it is still difficult to say with certainty. In fact, it could be that the functionality is instead based on a user-fed database that it will tap into to meet their demand. We’ll have to wait for the next Google I/O conference to find out for sure.

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