How To Create A Perfect Company Logo?

The best logos often look easy to design. They’re brand relevant, they’re instantly recognizable, and most importantly, they’re simple. However, in reality, achieving simplicity is quite complicated because there are many factors to consider when designing a business logo.

At the most basic level, there are many different types of logos, ranging from simple icons to more complicated logos that contain text, images, and carefully chosen colors..

When Company logo design, we must also think about the future. Indeed, a logo will define the identity of the brand for years to come. It is therefore important to invest time in the design phase as the company logo will be used on different media.

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The golden rules of corporate logo design

The best logos are all unique. This makes them great and easily recognizable. Nevertheless, we note that the designers use common techniques for creating the company logo.

If you want to create a company logo and you are a beginner, it is helpful to follow certain golden rules to carry out this project.

1. Values

The logo is the reflection of the brand. Consequently, he must emphasize the company’s values ​​in order to bring together a clientele under the same symbol. Therefore, in order to design a unique company logo, you must take the time to ask yourself what are the core values ​​behind your company and why it is unique.

For example, Mercedes’ logo is a three-pointed star, representing the unique fact that the brand makes vehicles for three different environments: land, sea and air.

2. The drawing

On the other hand, the concept must also be drawn. It might seem old-fashioned to use paper and pencil in 2022, but it’s an important step before you start creating your logo on the computer.

Thus, it is now possible to design a high-quality logo via computer tools or online. Adobe Creative Cloud Express is one of the easiest solutions to help a business design a unique logo.

However, for the more experienced, there is also Photoshop or Affinity Designer for more in-depth detail.

3. Colours

Another factor to consider when designing a company logo is color theory. A full understanding of how colors work together can take a lifetime’s work. Just like with fonts and symbols, there are a few techniques for using color effectively.

You probably remembered the color wheel from elementary school, but it’s still a powerful design tool. So this wheel is a great way to understand how colors work together and how to combine them in a logo.

One of the most important tips when working with the color wheel is to avoid using complementary colors. Using such contrasting complementary colors risks making the brand look cheap.

After all, colors affect the mood and therefore they should be chosen carefully to convey a benevolent message to customers. Warm colors (red, yellow, green, etc.) can give the logo a warm and welcoming look, while cool colors (blue and black) give the logo a more serious and responsible tone.

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