Prefabricated And Connected Mini Homes Just For $19,000

Society needs to reinvent itself because the way we live today has shown its limitations and destroyed our mother earth in the process. With hundreds of thousands of people affected by the housing crisis, it’s more important than ever to review how we live.

And Nestron could have found THE solution to accommodate us more cheaply while respecting the environment. In $19,000 prefab mini homes. And quite successfully!

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A tiny house, why?

the tiny house or mini houses as they are called, are a new way of living that costs less while being more respectful of the environment than traditional houses.

Pretty lively, the market for tiny houses mutates further. And to surprise on the price side, too Nestron.

In fact, this Singapore-based start-up specializes in manufacturing tiny houses has come up with one of the most interesting tiny houses on the market. It only costs $19,000. And is packed with options that connect it.

Connected mini houses

Unlike classic mini houses, Nestron’s are immobile. And for good reason, a family should be set up there.

And settle there. But the focus here is on technologies that are ubiquitous.

However, Nestron Tiny Houses do not require a foundation. It can therefore technically be placed anywhere you wish.

But in exchange for that lack of mobility, every Nestron home that leaves the factory has an AI home automation assistant called Canny.

Two rows of houses

Nestron has started pre-orders for two types of tiny houses. Dice and Legend. With areas between 15 and 25 m², these mini-houses are aimed at couples or modest families of up to 4 people.

A neat idea that still costs 19,000 base dollars. With prices up to $39,900.

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