Linux Can Now Run On PS4 Pro And Slim!

Manipulating the firmware of the latest gaming consoles so they can boot”home brewed(Software developed by amateur programmers) or running third-party operating systems is obviously an activity appreciated by hackers. After the successful launch of Linux on the Nintendo Switch – as Fred had a chance to talk about recently – and after installing the free operating system on the first version of the PlayStation 4, another group of programmers hinted at the extremes this weekend that this is the case had managed to do the same on the PS4 Pro and Slim.

At least that’s what we learn from the Twitter account of the group in question, which seems to be particularly satisfied with this performance. An achievement, certainly, but one of those that Sony is likely to tease.

In order to successfully run Linux on the latest two PS4 models, hackers had to use tricks and exploit bugs in certain versions of the firmware. The idea was also to develop a driver capable of overcoming a chip that manages the audio / video transmission of the HDMI output.

The PS4 Pro and Slim are slightly more robust than the base model…

This famous Panasonic chip (MN864729), which was missing from the original PlayStation 4, visibly blocked part of the installation process. And only after being successfully persuaded, Linux was able to run smoothly on the PS4 Pro and Slim.

So since Saturday it is possible to download, out of the inevitable GitHubthe source code that allows running the magic of Linux on the last two consoles from the Japanese manufacturer.

Still, frankly, the usefulness of installing this operating system on home computers seems limited. Leaving aside the feat represented by using such a system on a console as secure as the PS4, one can only doubt the relevance of using Linux on your favorite console; or even taking the time – and effort – to install Linux there…

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