Public Toilets With Transparent Walls!

Strange but true! Japanese public toilets occupy an important place in the lives of residents. and An architect has just proposed a toilet with transparent walls. Pointless and weird? Actually not that much! You will see that these toilets have amazing utility!

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Public Toilets

We have to admit that public toilets are a rather off-putting place that we really don’t want to go to. We often experience nasty surprises inside… But that’s without counting on this Japanese architect who had a funny idea. In fact, Shigeru Ban imagined toilets with transparent walls…

Do not see this as voyeurism or exhibitionism, but as a guarantee of cleanliness. Through these windows, you can even see the inside of the restrooms before entering them. This way you won’t experience any unpleasant surprises and you will know at a glance what awaits you inside. Don’t panic, as soon as you step inside, the windows will become opaque…

A Great Innovation?

Each unit is dyed a different color for a designer effect. Thus we find blue, lime green, yellow, cyan, purple or even pink. This is an innovation that uses smartglass, that is, a technology that makes the glass opaque depending on the movement. And we have to admit that the rendering is particularly pretty!

Designer and original public toilets are located here, allowing you to check the cleanliness of the place before even going there. And moreover, privacy is fully respected. Stop worrying about a little trip to the toilet in Japan. We hope that one day these lovely public toilets will end up in France!

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