Samsung Presents us Linux on its DeX in the video

We talked about it a few weeks ago Samsung tries (more or less desperately) to get people talking about him DeX. It must be said that the device was not received particularly positively by the press, who saw it as an interesting concept, but relatively reserved by a piece of software that was not really up to date.

Regardless, Samsung still hadn’t spoken its final word, and that’s how – in October – we learned that the company was planning to launch a version of Linux on his DeX just to expand his abilities a bit. Made possible by an application with the sober name “Linux on Galaxy”, the integration of the free operating system is now visible on the Samsung docking station directly to the video.

The company just unveiled a spot lasting just over a minute showcasing (quickly, maybe even a bit too much) Linux on DeX. In particular, we see how the start of the operating system takes place via the reception and what you can do with it. Not crazy, but a new feature that could actually make the Korean giant’s device interesting. At least for some users…

Linux “emulated” on his Galaxy S8 or Note 8 and displayed directly on his screen via DeX

It’s kind of a Samsung idea. The company therefore offers us to be able to enjoy some of the main features of Linux on DeX, all still animated, only through one of their last two flagships.

It’s obviously possible to build projects in C/C++ from existing source codes, but also develop in ARM via an IDE desktop. Like I said, nothing to get your ass on the floor, but it’s still about it features which will likely appeal to developers.

It remains to be seen whether the Linux version offered by Samsung on its DeX (obviously based on Ubuntu) remains sufficiently complete to interest operating system aficionados…

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