Soon A Watch Connected To Facebook?

A few months ago, Facebook was keen to buy FitBit. But ultimately it was Google that won the battle and took over the start-up connected clocks. However, abandoning the project is out of the question… We learn that Mark Zuckerberg’s teams are working on the creation of a connected watch… the Facebook Watch!

An expected novelty

The American giant Facebook is therefore working on a Connected Watch project. It also seems that the concept has already made good progress, so that the commercialization would be planned for 2023. The operating system would be Android. But unfortunately, that’s all we know at this point.

Facebook appears to be promising an entirely innovative watch to address its users’ concerns. It seems obvious that everything is available through the watch and especially through social networks. This is currently not the case with most models on the market. And that will make the difference. But that’s not all !

Innovative properties

Among the novelties that we could find on the Facebook Watch, the following stands out at the moment. In fact, it would be possible, for example, to take sports lessons with friends directly from the watch. A coach function is also to be integrated. It will also be possible to exchange short messages with a function dedicated only to those who will have this FacebookWatch.

According to initial information, the watch could sell for around 300 euros, which is still reasonable. However, nothing really seems to have been decided yet, because the connected watches sector is very competitive. So will Facebook find its place? case follows!

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