Tesla – Demand Is Exploding Thanks To Recent Price Falls

While Tesla has just massively reduced the price of several models, demand is exploding in many markets, especially in the USA. Stocks are flowing at breakneck speed.

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As you may know, Tesla has consistently increased the price of its electric cars by around 20-30% over the past two years. Nevertheless, in the summer of 2022, Elon Musk had assured that prices would fall again if inflation started to fall.

And after a particularly difficult 2022 for the manufacturer, marked in particular by the almost 70% drop in its stock market value and the failure to meet its sales targets, Elon Musk has finally kept his word. Indeed, in January 2023, Tesla’s price dropped drastically in many markets with savings that were possible depending on the model over 15,000 euros.

The Model 3 is now also available in France €44,990 instead of €53,490. This means that the electric sedan again receives the maximum eco-bonus of €5,000 or €7,000 (depending on the financial situation of your household). From now on, a Model 3 costs €39,990 or €37,990 for the most modest driver.

In the US, demand for Tesla explodes after price cuts

And as you might expect, this resulted in a significant price drop an explosion of demand in certain markets, especially in the United States. As reported by our colleagues on the website electrIndustry specialists told trade media that many American retailers are seeing “record demand,” and clarified Inventories are shrinking at breakneck speed.

In addition, it should no longer be possible to order a personalized Tesla in the coming weeks, as all production and delivery slots are occupied. Remember that in the United States Tesla sales are booming because of another factor.

In fact, thanks to the price reduction, many models are eligible for the new federal tax credit of $7.50. In some situations, this reduces the bill by around 30% compared to the previous year. For example, the Model Y is enjoying the biggest drop in the US, with a starting price falling by a notch $52,990 instead of $65,990. By adding the famous tax credit, Americans can therefore benefit from a discount of more than $20,000.

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