Tesla Will Integrate New Robots To Check The Quality Of The Interiors

To ensure the quality and finish of the interiors of its electric cars manufactured at the Gigafactory in Fremont, Tesla will install two new robots for the task. In any case, this results from an application for approval by the manufacturer.

As we know, quality wasn’t always there at Tesla. A study published in July 2022 by the company JD. Power highlighted certain shortcomings and a plethora of technical issues with the brand’s electric vehicles. The numbers speak for themselves, with 266 reports on only 100 vehicles.

The icing on the cake, the brand doesn’t fare much better when it comes to its maintenance and after-sales management, as evidenced by the complaints filed against the manufacturer by a dozen Tesla owners in August 2022, with repairs, endless delays and inadequate repairs Number of approved centers.

But as reported by our colleagues from the specialist location Teslarati, the American company seems determined to at least partially improve the situation. In fact, the manufacturer has just deposited an application for permission to install two new robots at its Gigafactory in Fremontits main manufacturing facility in California.

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Tesla wants to install 2 new robots to check the quality of the interiors

In this approval entitled “Automatic Inspection System” the manufacturer requires “the installation of an electrical and structural anchor to support two new robots required for automatic dashboard inspection. Anchors for PDP/MCP and Server Panel”.

As I’m sure you understood, Tesla is therefore aiming for a branch an automated control system to ensure the quality and finish of the cabin Vehicles made in Fremont. It should be noted that the filing of this permit application follows the publication of a job vacancy for a quality inspection engineer last year.

Among the expected duties it was stated that the engineer in question would be in charge Installation and operation of an automated camera inspection system within the production lines of the Gigafactory in Fremont. The relevant job description is still online on Tesla’s official website and states that the engineer will join the “Vehicle Engineering” team, i.e. the responsible area.centralized technical aspects and Tesla’s most important programs, such as the four S3XY models, the Cybertruck, cell production, robotaxis, Optimus and the new factories”.

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