Triviaverse – How To Play In Duo Or Solo

Netflix just announced the launch of Triviaversean interactive quiz available online on the platform: a fun way to test your knowledge and general culture by logging in from your account.

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Triviaverse: a new interactive game that can be played alone or in pairs

Triviaverse is an online quiz that consists in answering a series of questions in a limited time. It is played solo or in duo and aims to get the best possible score. Sports, music, science, general culture… The questions are varied and have several levels of difficulty.

do you play alone You can expect 3 rounds, each with a higher level of difficulty. When playing in pairs, you can play against yourself or against an opponent in two rounds per person.

During your game and depending on your results, the game master will award you badges with more or less descriptive names: Ordinary mortals, Piaf brains, stroke of luck, unfortunately mediocre

How to play Triviaverse on Netflix

Nothing easier than playing :

  • Sign in to your Netflix account,
  • Type in the search engine: triviaversethe quiz appears in the search results,
  • Choose your mode: solo or 2 players. The party is on!

Good to know: Triviaverse is accessible on compatible devices (smart TV, game console, mobile device, computer, streaming player) and is available worldwide thanks to its translation into 9 languages, including French.

Other quizzes are available on Netflix

Two other quizzes are available on the video streaming platform:

  • Trivia Quest: The quiz consists of answering questions to help the main character Toupie find his friends.
  • Steal: The quiz challenges you to be the master of history by helping a painting-stealing cat make the right decisions.

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